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Why we are distinctive Who we are Join our team

We are distinctive because our offer is integrated and comprehensive, because we deeply know the markets where we operate and the key decision makers and because we work as a partner with our clients.

We have an integrated and comprehensive offer
We help in the internationalization from day one, supporting the business plan construction and designing the strategy. Afterwards we support with identifying targets and supporting M&A operations, raising capital for growth and investment, performing business development, designing the best corporate finance structure, supporting project finance negotiation and process, performing due diligence, designing and implementing control systems and managing the day-to-day activities, from back office to management.

We know the markets
Our management team and shareholders have extensive knowledge about CEE and our target markets, having lived and worked in several countries in these regions in several industries. We also have tight relationships with players and associates in all these regions in order to strengthen our reach, knowledge and influence.

We are partners
Our preferred working methodology is one where we co-invest in the business, therefore totally aligning interests with our partners. We only serve clients that we believe in, with solid strategy and proven track record. We will only put our work and money where we believe in.

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